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What Is A Trash Bin Washing Service?

Los Angeles County Trash Can Cleaning Service

Have You Just Found Out About Trash Can Cleaning Services and Are You Wondering What Exactly It Is?

Curbside trash bin cleaning + sanitizing is gaining momentum all across Los Angeles County and Ventura County, California. If you've made it to this page then -- chances are -- you've probably already heard about this incredible, new service available to California home owners and businesses.

For those who've had the unfortunate experience of taking out your trash bins when they're dirty and smelly you can surely understand why someone would rather hire a local curbside trash washing service like Cleanse Your Bins to handle this task.

At some point, you may have even been brave enough to try to clean your dirty trash pails yourself using a hose or pressure washer. Without a doubt, you quickly realized this is much harder and messier than it looks. Dirty water and germs from the bins will be splashing up and going all over – including onto you. Let's face it… this isn't something any of us prefer to do ourselves.

This is where a curbside trash bin cleaning company like Cleanse Your Bins comes into play. Their specially designed trash can cleaning equipment comes directly to your California home or business to conveniently wash you empty pails or dumpsters. Unlike simply using a hose or power washer to do it yourself, a professional trash can cleaning service has professionally designed equipment created exactly cor this bin cleaning and sanitizing purpose.

On the day of your trash pickup and once your bins have been emptied, your trash bin cleaning service will show up at your home or business. The operator will first spray the outside of your trash bins using a power washer. A power washer is very different from your run-of-the-mill pressure washer. Both devices use water to clean. However, professional power washers heat the water to around 190-230° fahrenheit. This heated water helps to help kill any bacteria and germs that might be present.

Next, their specially equipped vehicle has two mechanical arms which are used to lift your bins off the ground. Once the trash bin or bins are lifted up in the air, the 360° rotating heads will aggressively wash the inside of the bins, again using heated water. This process effectively gets into every nook and cranny of your filthy cans to remove all of the dirt while killing any germs and bacteria.

Finally, your trash can washing professional will spray your bins by hand using a pleasant smelling odor neutralizer. This leaves your trash bins looking and smelling great.

It's worth noting that professional curbside bin cleaning companies like Cleanse Your Bins use only environmentally safe chemicals. These products not only clean and disinfect your pails, but they're also safe for the environment. Plus, your locally owned curbside bin cleaning business will take away any of the dirty or grey water to properly dispose of it at a local facility.

If you're ready to get started, please sign-up for your Ventura County or Los Ageles County curbside trash bin cleaning service here.

Why You Should Hire A Ventura County / Los Angeles County Curbside Trash Can Cleaning Service

The Benefits of Hiring a Local Professional To Clean Your Dirty Residential or Commercial Trash Receptacles

Are you considering hiring a California trash bin cleaning service to rid your Los Angeles County or Ventura County trash cans of odors and grime? Are you still unsure if it's worth the cost? Well… here's a list of benefits you can expect from scheduling a convenient curbside can cleaning service for your trash and recycling bins.

    • Regular and scheduled cleanings of trash bins and dumpsters helps to keep them from getting to the point where they're so dirty that you simply want to avoid being anywhere near them.
    • Professional California curbside trash can cleaning services are reliable and will clean your trash and recycling bins according to a schedule you select. Typically, you can schedule monthly, quarterly, or seasonal trash can cleaning service. Your trash bin cleaning professional will come directly to your property at the scheduled time and date leaving all of your garbage pails looking clean and smelling fresh.
    • Your trash can cleaning professionals use eco-friendly chemicals to clean, sanitize and deodorize your trash cans and recycling bins. These cleaning products are safe for you, your family and the environment.
    • Professional curbside trash bin cleaning services like Cleanse Your Bins will take away all of the dirty water and properly dispose of it at an approved location.
    • California trash bin cleaning services like Cleanse Your Bins are equipped with professional equipment specifically made to thoroughly and safely handle the trash can washing task.

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